Contributor's Guide

Why Contribute?

  1. You will make the world a better place by helping individuals express their ideas clearer, write better, and communicate finer.
  2. You will be famous since thousands will see your name next to the rule you developed and on the "Top Contributor's" list.
  3. You may make some money if you help and impress an individual who later decides to buy through your affiliate link. No promises on this one just the opportunity.

Who can contribute?


How to Contribute?

You can submit a new rule at , and you can study all the existing rules at .

You can contribute in varying levels of difficulty:


You don’t need to be a programmer since you can create rules just with a simple list of text, for example:

gonna=>going to
wanna=>want to

This rule, called "Slang", looks for the slang word “gonna” in text and suggests replacing “gonna” with “going to”.


A bit more difficult technique involves using regular expressions (regex) that are very effective in finding patterns in text.

For example, the following pattern:


detects adverbs ending in "ly". "\w+" inside the regex is used for any word, and the _RB parts of speech (POS) tag is for adverbs. For a full list of POS tags used by Proofread Bot take a look at the POS list.

You can easily verify your work with, an outstanding regular expression development tool. ( See the above pattern with Rubular). If you want to get better at using regular expressions do a search on Google for regex tutorials, and you will find plenty of excellent resources.


Anything you cannot solve with a simple list, or regex falls into this category. Hard tests may involve custom code or the use of custom databases. The code should preferably be in php, but Proofread Bot already integrates with java apps. Proofread Bot can easily integrate with GPL licensed 3rd party code and database.

Become a contributor / developer

First, you must register and post your idea in the forums. I will work with you to make sure your rule works fine. Please note currently all rules submitted must be released by you under GPL license, and transfer the copyright over to me and In the future, I will be implementing a user feedback process as well, and rules that receive many down votes may get unpublished until the contributor fixes it.

Making money as a contributor

Currently, Proofread Bot runs a pilot program where contributors may earn 50% of packages bought by a user, if the user likes your rule and buys through your affiliate link. To get an affiliate id, please register with Clickbank. Please note this aspect of the contributor program is in the test phase, and may change or even end anytime. Also, users decide to buy through your link, so you may not earn anything at all.

Where to find grammar rules to automate

If you don't have an idea, just start googling around grammar rules and online writing labs that have plenty of documentation.

What Proofread Bot does

Proofread Bot deconstructs each submitted text to paragraphs, sentences, phrases, and pos tagged sentences (for an example of phrases and pos tags study the sample report) and performs relevant rules on them with regular expressions and / or php. We can easily add additional rules built in php, and once ready just submit it in the support forum. After some in house tests I willl include your rule and credit you with your name and website as the author.