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Hyphenate article + preposition + noun compound adjectives Hyphens

Preposition-plus-noun compound adjectives are hyphenated as well (for example,"after-tax income").

György Chityil - George
Preposition Overuse Style

Some grammar experts claim that the fewer prepositions the better, and this check warns you if the ratio of prepositions is more than 1 preposition per 5 words.
Abundant prepositions: The data from the participants of younger age in this study were compared with those of subjects of older age by an analysis of variance.
“Healthy” ratio of prepositions: The data from the younger and older study participants were compared by an analysis of variance

György Chityil - George
Double Preposition Prepositions

Some grammarians argue that two consecutive prepositions should be avoided.

György Chityil - George