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Proper Nouns Do Not Take Articles Noun

Proper nouns (e.g. John, Alice and India) do not take articles. 

  • Incorrect: The New York is a lovely city.
  • Correct: New York is a lovely city.
György Chityil - George
Periods and Commas Go Inside Quotation Marks (USA) Quote György Chityil - George
Colons and Semicolons Are Always Placed Outside of Quotes Quote György Chityil - George
Two Single Quotes Instead Of A Double Quote Quote

Some writers use two single quotes for a double quote.

György Chityil - George
No Comma Before Restrictive Relative Clause Pronoun

Use “that” restrictively, and “which” nonrestrictively. The easy way to remember: which is preceded by a comma; that is not (in 99% of the cases).

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Hyphenate number plus noun compound modifiers Hyphens

Hyphenate compound adjectives in which one element is a cardinal or ordinal number (whether a figure or a word) and the other a noun (for example, "six-month period", "12-person capacity"). The introduction of the "open" style into the 1985 Statute Revision (for example, six month period) has been superseded.

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Hyphenate comparative and superlative adjectives when compoundeded with modifiers Hyphens

Comparative and superlative forms of adjectives are hyphenated when compounded with other modifiers (for example,"shorter-term loan").

György Chityil - George
Hyphenate noun-plus-adjective compound modifiers Hyphens

Hyphenate noun-plus-adjective compounds - when they occur in that order - whether used attributively (before the noun) or predicatively (after the noun) (for example, \"duty-free goods\", \"goods that are duty-free\").

György Chityil - George
Hyphenate article + preposition + noun compound adjectives Hyphens

Preposition-plus-noun compound adjectives are hyphenated as well (for example,"after-tax income").

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Space Before Punctuation Spacing

No space should appear before a punctuation.

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