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Gender Bias Style

A phrase like “a good congressman knows his duty” excludes women, and it may show good style to rewrite such a sentence in a gender neutral form, like "good representatives know their duty". Check the references for more info on techniques to avoid gender bias in your wriitng.

György Chityil - George
Nominalization Style

Abstract nouns, such as "decision", often have verb forms, "decide", and several experts urge you to use verbs when possible rather than noun forms known as nominalizations. Sentences with many nominalizations usually have weak verbs such as have, make, give and forms of be as the main verbs. Using the action verbs disguised in nominalizations as the main verbs--instead of forms of be--can help to create engaging rather than dull prose. This check aims to identify abstract nouns, but not all will have a verb form.

Example:Bad Nominalization: We conducted an investigation of the funding.Good Sentence: We investigated the funding.

Zsofia Miko
Split Infinitive Style

A split infinitive is an English-language grammatical construction in which a word or phrase, usually an adverb or adverbial phrase, comes between the marker to and the bare infinitive (uninflected) form of a verb. Many scholars consider it as bad style.

György Chityil - George
Preposition Overuse Style

Some grammar experts claim that the fewer prepositions the better, and this check warns you if the ratio of prepositions is more than 1 preposition per 5 words.
Abundant prepositions: The data from the participants of younger age in this study were compared with those of subjects of older age by an analysis of variance.
“Healthy” ratio of prepositions: The data from the younger and older study participants were compared by an analysis of variance

György Chityil - George
Similar Sentences Statistics

Algorithmic check highlighting sentence pairs with the highest similarity percentage and gives a warning if any is greater than 50%.

Zsofia Miko
Word Density Statistics

Word density higher than 5% may show a lack of vocabulary and variation in style resulting in a dull reading. This check verifies both paragraphs and the entire text for single and double word densities.

Zsofia Miko
Sentence Opening Variation Statistics

Warns if sentences begin with the same words. Vary sentence beginnings for an enjoyable read.

Zsofia Miko
Sentence Rhythm Statistics

Vary short and long sentences for an enjoyable read.

Zsofia Miko
Bing Plagiarism

Check sentences for duplication online via Bing.

For plagiarism checks with Bing, Proofread Bot requires a free Bing API Key that you can obtain easily at Once signed up to Bing, you will find your key here: Bing gives you 5000 queries for free per month! You will need to enter this key for Proofread Bot at (click edit).

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Google Plagiarism

Check sentences for duplication online via Google. For plagiarism checks with Google, Proofread Bot requires a free Google Search API Key that you can obtain a Google Custom Search (CSE) key at under "Services" option. Once you enable the Search service, you will find your key under the "Access" tab.Click here for more info on Google CSE

Google gives you 100 queries for free per day, but with a rate limit of 1 sec /. query that is quite slow! You can change your key later at

György Chityil - George