Paid already but can't connect wordpress plugin to account...

I bought 500 credits.

Tried to connect the plugin to my account. I have a username but the problem is, I do not have a "current password". I just connected my account with my facebook account. I need to to have a "current password" so I can connect my wordpress plugin to my prrofreadbot account. 

so, i tried changing passwords but....

Your current password is missing or incorrect; it's required to change the Password.

Tried changing password, but changing passwords requires a "current password" as well, im really confused.

I think there's an issue when connecting your account to facebook, cause you dont have a "current password. Please help..

Closed (fixed)


Dear Raphael,

I sent a password for you in a separate email, apologies for this issue.

I also added an extra 250 credits because of this inconvenience.