Grammar, Style, Spelling and Plagiarism Report

Peopl do not like automated tools as they are not accurate, but this tool helps usrs write like a pro. It's important for you to see Proofread Bot in action, and this very bad article is meant to demonstrate all the checks performed by Proofread Bot . As this report is being read by you, it'll become obvious that this automated solution is capable of accurately detecting common errors committed in writings owing to the fact that the author invested a lot of time in developing it. Checking your grammar on your own can be a time consuming activity, but the Proofread Bot will vastly improve your writing and will help you achieve your goal,be it a better grade, or a business deal, since the main goal is to gradually, systematically, and economically relieve the burden of manual proofreading. The meticulously checks performed by this tool are collected from grammar experts of various online writing labs and books with reputation of expertise, I am sure this feature will be useful for most.

''What a great tool!!'' Could it be that it hardly never errs and guides the writer in creating an error free document?? Yes, many gonna think so but uncaught issues still lurk here and there in your text that Proofread Bot can't find so, make sure to report it in the forums, furthermore, you can win extra free proofread checks. Also, errors are something that Proofread Bot wont put up with. I am sure in the long run Proofread Bot will prevail and take a lot of worries off of people's shoulders. Given the large sized, well documented grammar literature there will be room to improve and lots of opportunities for mutual cooperation with university writing labs. Also, knowing the sources of grammar rules with which this tool achieves his usefulness is important, hence every check includes references to external grammar links. When someone first sees this proofreading tool, they oftentimes worry that it will be useless the real reason for this worry, however, is that most users never experienced or used such a service before. A great  selling point is that this tool goes after the deepest grammar rules, unlike other grammar checkers that only provide spellchecking. Me creating this tool will benefit the world.

Sentence without noun

  • (Better run faster!)

Determiner - subject, subject verb agreement. 

  • This roses is yellow. These rose is yellow. These roses is yellow. This rose are yellow.

Conjunctive Adverb at start of sentence.

  • However I believe this is a great beginning.

Subordinate Conjunction without comma.

  • Even though the broccoli was covered in cheddar cheese, Emily refused to eat it.

When conjunctive adverbs behave as simple adverbs no punctuation necessary:

  • She was accordingly quite interested in grammar.
  • However ugly the gargoyle may be, I will go on a blind date with him

Here, it should be a conjunctive:

  •  Likewise, all students should embrace the sad little conjunctive adverbs.

Indefinite article - subject agreement:

  • I love a big beds of roses.

Singular nouns written with s at the end:

  • I study mathematics, which is very difficult. Dominoes is my favorite pastime.