Cannot get proofreading to work at all

Hello I am new to proofreadbot and have just purchased 500 credits.
However, i cannot get the program to proofread anything at all.

I keep getting this error:

error: Internal Server Error

Closed (fixed)



I am sorry you are having this issue with Proofread Bot. I can see some server timeouts in the error logs. Could you tell me how many words are you trying to submit? I have seen server timeouts before with very long texts, and an immediately possible workaround is submitting smaller chunks at a time.

George Chityil

Can you tell me the recommended length? Or a maximum length?
The text im submitting is quite long.

Good question.

So far, I never measured the exact limits, but a 1-2 thousand words essay size can be handled well with Proofread Bot. I will conduct some tests in the coming days, and report back here. Until then, please let me know if few thousand words are insufficient for you.

I am only posting under 400 words and I can't get anything but a bunch of server errors to come up. What did you do differently?


Could you please send me a screenshot of these errors to

Thank you


Just released a brand new interface that gives you unlimited simple recommendations. Check it out at Tested it with 15000 words and it works like a charm. Still fine tuning the backend though, but should not take more than a few weeks to bring that up to scale as well.