Do not understand how to use this software

I just purchased this software because I will be using it to correct articles that I have spun quickly. Unfortunately it provides no information on how to properly use it. It gives me a bunch of explanations of what I did wrong which is nice, however it does not offer a suggestion to fix it. It's frustrating because I need this software to be efficient and user friendly. maybe I am missing something. Can you help me get the most out of this software please?




At the moment, some issues the tool finds would require rewriting the entire sentence to correct it. For example, offering a suggestion for a missing verb will take some time to develop. So, while Proofread Bot can detect such an issue, I have not yet developed the suggestion part, but such suggestions are in the development pipeline. I am sorry for your frustration, and if you would like a refund please send an email to Perhaps, you can revisit the tool later.