multiple sites

Hello, with the wp plugin can the license be used across multiple websites? I had issues using the onsite proof read. Is there a refund if it doesn't work ?

Really nice from what I saw though.

Closed (fixed)



Sure it can be used. :) You can input the same username and pass on all sites! What issues did you have with the plugin?

You have a no questions 60 day refund guarantee.


All good George. Will grab some credits today.I'm not 100% sure if it's a correlation but I used this service on one site. It suggested some grammar changes which my proof reader didn't pick up. The site was crawled over night and got a decent boost in SERPS...which is why I want to deploy this on all my sites now. Shared on facebook and twitter.

Well done

Hmmm, I just made a payment but no idea where the license has gone as I registered with facebook. No email in paying email account or in spam folder :S

Apologies for this credit issue. I doubled your credit as a token of apology, and assigned it to this account.

If you want to use this FB account on Wordpress sites, do set your password in account settings as FB registrations have auto generated passwords in the background. Let me know if you have any issues with doing so.