Paid for credits

I paid for a package of $35 today. But When I click onto Proofread Bot...All I get is failed to log on. I clicck to site and I am logged on and it's also activated....Why isn't it working?

Closed (fixed)



I notice you used a comcast email when purchasing the credits, and an account for the comcast email was created by the system with your credits. On the other hand, this account that you used for posting the forum has  a different email address.

I can transfer the credits to this account you used to post the message on the forum. Please let me know your preference.


Gyorgy Chityil

I also found now your first report that seems to have failed due to some funky html. I ran the check again for you and you can see the results here

I am adding an extra 100 credits for you because of this issue.