Short sentence

This website worked great when I first started using it. Now, the only error that shows up is short sentence. As much as I click to ignore that rule it won't go away. I preferred the old style instead of the pop ups. There was more useful information and it was easier to scroll and read to the pertinent parts.

Closed (fixed)


Hello RightWrite,

Apologies for the delay in my response, but fixing the ignore issue took some time. It now works! I still need to iron out to save the Ignore Always option for future submissions, but the button already works for the current doc. Also, the information is the same in the popups as in the old style setting. Only the look and feel changed! With the new style, you don't need to click on highlights, just hover over them, and see the explanation right away. In the old UI, you had to click on each highlight, and then click on explain to get more info.