Wordpress Login information unclear, especially password

I used Facebook when I registered on your website.

I can log in to Proofread Bot website, but when I'm on Wordpress I am unable to log in.

I see I was assigned a username, but the password is unclear. I tried the password for my Facebook account, but that isn't it.
I requested a new password, but because I don't know my old once, it won't let me change to a new one. WELL DUH.

Please advise. I am lost, unclear

Closed (fixed)



Apologies for this facebook password issue. I am resetting your password and sending it to you via email.

György Chityil

Hi György, I have not received password or login details yet ;(

I have messaged you through facebook (it will be in your other forlder) if you could please reply there so we can get this sorted

Really sorry for this issue! Replied to you on Facebook!

Patrice Foster's picture

please help. i cannot use i pay for. in my word press.