2018 resolutions - crowdsourcing, voice control, and "no" to venture funding

After attending the final round of a startup competition by Telenor in 2017 November, I realized that the startup scene is just not for me or Proofread Bot. I am disinterested in promising anyone an x times return for their money, and sending them weekly reports on how their return is progressing, especially when Proofread Bot is starting to compete against big boys like Microsoft. On the other hand, I am interested in making Proofread Bot the best grammar and style assistant, and I can achieve this goal for the tool without external resources. How?
In the footsteps of Elon Musk's master plan, here are the goals of Proofread Bot for this year:
1. Build a brain
Use open source knowledge repositories to build a brain, a form of advanced thesaurus that is live and active for the user. I see Proofread Bot as a step ahead of static dictionaries and thesauri.
2. Crowdsource
If Proofread Bot will be the best, it will have to utilize new ways of working in the internet age, more specifically crowdsourcing. I have started working on crowdsourcing grammar errors and their corrections and the tool already has thousands of errors ready for machine learning. Parts of the brain will be crowdsourced too, so that knowledge residing in people's brain will be collected piece by piece.
3. Talk to me
Enable voice feedback with Alexa and Google Assistant. Help people speak better English with active feedback.