Uncorrected Spell-Check Poem from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to English Grammar (199-200)

A decent goal for Proofread Bot this year: catch all the grammar issues in this neat little poem.

Who wood have guest
The Spell Chequer would super seed
The assent of the editor
Who was once a mane figure?
Once, awl sought his council;
Now nun prophet from him.
How suite the job was:
It was all sew fine…
Never once was he board
As he edited each claws,
Going strait to his deer work
Where he’d in cyst on clarity.
Now he’s holy unacceptable,
Useless and knot kneaded…
This is know miner issue,
For he cannot urn a wage.
Two this he takes a fence,
Butt nose naught watt to due.
He’s wade each option
Of jobs he mite dew,
But nothing peaks his interest
Like making pros clear.
Sum will see him silly
For being sew upset,
But doesn’t good righting
Go beyond the write spelling?