Doesnt work in paid mode

I bought the 500 proof reads package the today and when I use it I still get the message that only the first 4 lines have been checked because I'm in free mode and that if I buy a package I can proofread the whole post. Yet stranglely enough it reduces my reads count everytime I use it. Funny how that part works fine, but what I paid for doesn't work. This doesn't seem very fair. So why am I only getting partial free checks when I paid for full use and have plenty of paid reads available? I need to get this straightened out so that I may use the tool as I paid for.

Closed (fixed)


Thanks for the report, and apologies for this issue. 

Turned out the system has not credited your purchase to your account, which I just corrected.

Also gave you 50 extra credits to further express my apology for this issue.