500 error

Hi there,

I just installed proofread bot and it worked fine, but only the first time I used it. As I tried it the second time, I got the following error:


I re-installed the plugin, but the same error occured. I would like to use this program as it works better than all the other ones I tried - so some help would be great!


Closed (fixed)



Most likely the message is not displayed that says you ran out of free credits. Will be looking into the issue this week. Thx for reporting.

Just found the bug that was responsible for this issue, and released v2.18 of the Wordpress plugin. I also gave you an extra 50 credits for your effort in posting to the forum. Much appreciated.

Just bought 500 credits and there's a 500 error message box when pressing "proofread writing" button in post editor. Version is 2.2.2 and WP 4.0


Your issue may have a different cause. Could you please post a new issue if the error persists? I just tried checking a sample text, and succeeded in checking it again.